Thursday, September 9, 2021

Paradise Icon: Anthology 2020

Cover reads "Paradise Icon Anthology 2020"

So, what do you get after a decade of writers gathering in conjunction with Iowa's oldest SF convention?

The Paradise Icon Anthology 2020, of course. 

The volume includes eight stories from participants in the Paradise Icon workshop, and proceeds will be used to support ICON, Iowa's oldest running SF convention. 

Titles and authors:
Chris Bauer “Shoggoth in a Jar”
Doug Engstrom “So Much Depends”
Athena Foster “Sown Men”
Ransom Noble “Monster”
Shannon Ryan “Screwed”
Catherine Schaff-Stump “O-Taga-San”
Emily Vakos “Damsel”
Stephanie Vance “Troubleshooting Earth”

Available now for preorder now in Kindle format. 

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